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Don't let a judge decide what is in your family's best interest!
Avoid huge legal bills!  

Save time and money by mediating differences and disputes.

Resolve your differences and find solutions!

We will assist you to finalize your divorce without the usual bitterness and pain!
          Negotiation facilitated by a neutral and balanced person:

  • Aim is to achieve an acceptable settlement
  • Focus is on solving problems - present and future orientated 
  • Parties discuss issues and come to aagreement 
  • Decisions on parental rights and responsibilities
  • Decisions on maintenance and care
  • Decisions on residence, access and contact
  • Agreements on division of assets
  • Memorandum of Understanding drawn up and this forms the basis for legal documents in divorce proceedings
  • Avoid expensive and long drawn out litigation
  • Mediation is a voluntary process which is very fair and flexible 
  • Prepares couple for separation and/or Divorce
  • Mediation prepares the children for divorce and assist them to come to terms with the divorce of their parents